Today, March 18, 2019, as we celebrate the first year anniversary of the company, I would say, I am extremely proud that as the time passes by we are constantly moving up and get closer to our biggest dreams as we make the smaller ones true, one by one. Datag Convenience Store is a good company in the process of becoming a great one, and I am sure that all members/investors, would be proud of our new journey.

It’s a matter of great pride to see our company growing, embracing good value system and achieving more than what we have ever thought of. There is a set of people whom I would want to thank on this profitable day from the bottom of my heart.

First of all, our employees and officers who have worked hard to help this company to the peak of success. I take pride in saying that we have the best and extraordinary employees and officers with equally high aspirations and dreams. They have worked against all the odds that occurred in this milestone to make what seemed impossible, possible. Our company has become a shining example amongst the leading organization in our barangay that has created quality jobs and generated enormous income.

In all these years which have passed, we have seen it all roller coaster ride – success and failures, ups and downs, celebrations and everything. But one thing which we never did was to ‘give up’. Our better positive attitude, our faith in each other and our commitment towards the company’s goal are factors that have brought us where we are today. I would never have been able to picture out this successful journey without you people. Datag Convenience Store members, investors and employees have always been my strength and backbone to the company.

This is the day, I owe this success to all of you. Let all your targets, files, deals and every other tension to be set side for these few moments and congratulate yourself and each other for having been able to achieve so much. This is your day; our day and we will make it memorable forever.

Many more anniversaries, many more success stories and many more achievements are yet to come our way. Till then, let’s just keep up the good work and keep aspiring for more. As they say “those who dream big, achieve big”. So let’s not stop ourselves from dreaming, let’s not settle for less, let’s not restrict ourselves to what is conventional and let’s aren’t letting the failures discourage us.

Last but not the least, I have to thank my wife Marissa and to Ms Antonia Cagampang and her family for the full support, for standing beside me and help me in fighting against all the odds, thick and thin. I have no words to express my gratitude for your continuous support. Your contribution is worth more than diamonds for me. We will keep experimenting, keep growing and keep celebrating. A very happy 1st anniversary to all of us.

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